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The Ten Commandments of Freedom from Barriers

First Commandment

FREEDOM FROM BARRIERS is the basic principle of an environment designed for ALL.

The needs of the disabled and the issues of accessibility and usability for ALL require both your attention and commitment.

Second Commandment

Remember FREEDOM FROM BARRIERS applies to the design of all environments:

construction and housing, mobility and transport, learning and culture, work, recovery and health, information and communication.

Third Commandment

Be aware that FREEDOM FROM BARRIERS is essential to all of us, especially people with motor, sensory or cognitive disabilities.

Fourth Commandment

Make sure that premises and objects can be perceived, reached, understood, recognised and used by ALL without assistance.

Fifth Commandment

When planning, be guided by the following five principles:

User-friendly design, walk-and-roll principle, two-senses principle, use of visual, acoustic and tactile contrasts, language that is easy to understand.

Sixth Commandment

Each time you plan a measure to ensure freedom from barriers, involve the disabled or their representatives at the earliest possible stage. This will help you find appropriate solutions and encourage acceptance.

Seventh Commandment

Use technical specifications, the conclusions of research and best practices. FREEDOM FROM BARRIERS requires quality.

Eighth Commandment

Ensure objective and subjective safety for ALL. Preventive safety measures are essential. Take structural and organisational measures to ensure that disabled people are able to save themselves or call promptly for outside help in case of emergency.

Ninth Commandment

Systematically implement the most up-to-date solutions to ensure lasting usefulness to ALL.

Tenth Commandment

Keep the future in mind. Demographic developments will increase the importance of FREEDOM FROM BARRIERS even further. 

Source: VDV (Ed.) (2012): Barrier-free public transport in Germany. Project leadership: STUVA e. V. Düsseldorf, Alba Verlag. 

Download: The Ten Commandments of Freedom from Barriers / Freedom from Barriers in 10 Main Points (pdf 2,1 MB)

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